Every June I make a concentrated effort to go at least once to one of our wonderful 'Pick Your Own' farms here in Louisiana to pick blueberries. It's hot, hard work, but so worth it! There is really only about a one month window of opportunity to get the blueberries, and a lot of how plentiful the crop is depends on the weather. Most of the blueberry farms I go to have Facebook pages with daily updates on picking, and that is critical to check - especially if you are traveling outside of Acadiana to pick.

Soooooo, with so many blueberries, it's really fun to find some new recipes to use these delicious treats every summer, and I'm always on the look out for new ways to improve my traditional favorites. Our friends at Taste of Home are always a good source, because they have recipes for real people - with actual ingredients that you already have at your house.

My new faves this year are the lemon blueberry drop scones, Fresh Blueberry Cobblers, and Fruit Cole Slaw. Check out some of the delicious treats that you can only make with blueberries picked fresh from the bushes here in south Louisiana. Yum!