LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL) -- The Recycling Foundation in Lafayette is once again accepting recyclable material brought  by the general public after a recent fire temporarily halted the drop-off operation.

The company has used their 107 I-G Lane location as public residential recycling drop-off site for many years, but the site has been shut down since March 16, when a fire engulfed the facility, according to Lafayette Consolidated Government Environmental Quality Manager Mark Pope.

“A temporary fence has been erected which cordons off access to the yard and the building where the fire damage occurred.  Individuals not served by curbside recycling can now safely access the drop-off site and bring their recyclables as they have for years,” he said.

Pope stressed that collection of residential curbside recycling will continue in Lafayette and  other cities in Lafayette Parish served by the Recycling Foundation.

Recyclables that are accepted at the residential recycling drop-off site include all types of paper, including cardboard, glass bottles and jars, bi-metal cans (food cans) and aluminum cans, and plastic containers with the recycling symbol surrounding the numbers one through seven.

Items not accepted at the drop-off site include plastic bags of any type and Styrofoam containers, even if bags or Styrofoam are stamped with the triangular shaped recycling symbol.

Questions should be directed to the Recycling Section of Lafayette Consolidated Government at 291-5637.