Tomorrow evening hundreds of Mardi Gras revelers will convene at Petroleum Club's La Marquise in Parc Lafayette. The reason for the gathering will be the Krewe De Bayou's Red Hot Mardi Gras Ball.

There will be lovely ladies and dapper gentlemen all attired with the theme of the evening in mind; Red Hot Villains and Vixens. In other words, bad boys and bad girls coming together for a great time.

I have no doubt the party will be one that will go down in Mardi Gras history. The band Mojeaux will be cranking out the tunes. The dance floor will be filled with  booties that are shaken and drinks that are stirred. Yes,there will probably be an adult beverage or two, and there will be Mardi Gras Royalty.



Let's do a royalty review for the Krewe De Bayou shall we?


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The Krewe did great with the very first Queen, Tracy Wirtz was chosen. She is vibrant, beautiful, funny, energetic, and has curves that make us all glad we have HD TV's. Oh, yeah she's a damn fine broadcaster and a true professional at what she does.  Every morning Tracy's smiling face greets us on Good  Morning Acadiana. Her warm style on air and her passion for making life better in Acadiana shines through even when she has to report news that is not always good.






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The following year, last year, Ms Sharon Moss was selected as Queen. I love Sharon Moss. If ever there was a single individual that represented beauty, strength, charm, kindness, compassion, and community spirit it would be Ms Sharon.  She is a savvy business person with a heart of gold, another true professional at what she does. I won't spoil her secret but Sharon Moss and her company are one of the main reasons we have such a strong arts culture in our town. I would dare say almost every community organization that I am aware of has been supported at one time or another by Ms Sharon and her altruistic beliefs that Acadiana is the greatest place to live in the world.



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Ms Sharon's King last year was the Prime Minister, also known as City Parish President Joey Durel. Joey still maintains a great sense of humor even though he has a very serious job. He is a people person and personifies what's good about Acadiana and its people. Joey has been a guest on our show for the past 8 years or so. He has never dodged a question, he has always answered honestly and I truly believe his mission in being elected was to make the place where we live better.  So connecting him with Sharon was a great choice.






This year's Queen Rouge is Michele Ezell. Michele was working at this radio station when I started here. She was two years old at the time.  I have had the pleasure of concocting some of the greatest radio schemes and promotions with Michele. She is beyond creative, beyond beautiful, and loves South Louisiana. When Michele told me she was going to open Tsunami downtown, I could have been skeptical but I knew Michele. She would make this happen and I really believe it was her restaurant that turned the tide for downtown Lafayette. Michele has been a dynamic driving force in making my town a better town, not just for me but for all of us. I am so proud that she will grace us with her charm, wit, and candor at the Red Hot Mardi Gras Ball.



Courtesy Moon Griffon

King Cayenne #2 is the "Voice of Louisiana" Moon Griffon. Newstalk 96.5 KPEL was the first station outside of Moon's former base of operations in Monroe to pick up his talk show. It was one of the best decisions we ever made. Moon and his family have now made Lafayette their home and instead of just listening to Moon everyday, I get to shake his hand and tell him he sucks in person.  That's a guy thing, guy's don't give other guys compliments come on you know that.  To say Moon is passionate about the state we live in is an understatement of epic proportions. Moon believes his radio show is here for a higher purpose. The show is about helping those with out a voice be heard by those who don't want to listen.  I am honored to have Moon as a friend, co-worker, and in house accomplice.


By the way this event wouldn't be possible with out the tremendous support of Beads for Less on  Pinhook. They have Mardi Gras covered, if you aren't getting your Mardi Gras gear from Beads for Less on Pinhook then you are not doing the holiday justice.

One of our other big events at the ball is the table decorating contest. Spa Mizan is helping us pass a good time with this event. Last year some of the decorations were beyond over the top and judging by the buzz we hear on social media this year's tables will be made even more beautiful thanks to Spa Mizan.