Reddit User Daveed2001 called out "Captain" Clay Higgins for allegedly using a Yelp photo as his own in a Facebook post.

Daveed2001 posted to reddit:

I called out our lord and savior Captain Clay Higgins after he weighed in on the great gumbo fiasco of 16'. I was promptly blocked. - Reddit, Daveed2001




It is assumed that Higgins was weighing in on the "Great Gumbo Fiasco of 2016", referring to the Disney gumbo recipe (that received severe backlash from Cajuns).

Another Reddit user was quick to point out that there WAS kale "observed at the scene", clearly visible on the plate behind the bowl of gumbo (wait: is that kale?).

Daveed2001 claims that he was promptly blocked from Higgins' Facebook page.