A Lafayette area man is still trying to get his conviction for "Carnal Knowledge of a Juvenile"  overturned, and he says he is fighting for his rights, and the rights of others.

The story is a complicated one, and Fruge says he has paid a price for the important lesson he has learned.  Fruge joined "Mornings With Ken and Bernie" today to talk about his case.

Fruge says he registered his profile on an adult dating site in 2008, and he found a woman he was interested in.  Fruge says the two of them had much in common--she was going to school at Baton Rouge Community College she said, and working for a veterinarian.  He has a love for animals and was also in school.

They corresponded via email and phone for about three weeks before he drove to meet her at her home.  He says they walked and talked.  In another phone call after that meeting, she said she was coming to visit him for the weekend.  When she didn't show, he called her only to be told by her that she could not come because she was injured by a horse at work that day.  He drove to meet her at her home.  Again, they walked and talked, and finally had sexual contact.

That's when Marc says his world turned upside down.

This is Fruge's version of the story, and why he thinks everyone should listen.  He says people, parents, singles and others should be aware of what the law states.  He knows that people will either agree with his version or that they will absolutely not believe what he has to say.  He says he wants to make people aware of what can happen.  He knows that some people may not believe a word he says, and he says he leaves it up to each person's judgment.

Marc was arrested after being held at gunpoint by the father of the "woman" he went to meet, who turned out to be 14-years-old.  Marc says the computer transcripts show she claimed to be twenty-one, attending community college, and working for a vet.  She was none of those things.  He was arrested for having sexual relations with the girl.    He does his best to explain the story, he takes calls from the audience, he answers whether we should be sympathetic to him.  Hear this compelling interview now by clicking below: