Dateline: 1988. I was a 12 - year old kid growing up in the quaint, even sleepy town of Abbeville, LA. I was what most people call a 'nerd,' and loved science fiction and horror movies. There was no Internet back then, so we got the news from newspapers, TV, and word of mouth.

I remember hardly believing the news that a movie was going to be filmed in Abbeville. Not just any movie either, like yet another chick flick or drama. This was going to be a remake of a movie even we 80s kids saw or heard about growing up: The Blob.

It was an exciting time for our small town. It seemed no one talked about anything else while the movie was filming. Downtown was getting an overhaul, including the long - closed Frank's Theater. The theater was going to be used for a scene that would mimic the same scene in the original. A new building went up just for the movie, built to be a fictional diner that many of us wished would have stuck around afterwards.

Most exciting of all was getting to watch Hollywood filmmakers work their magic in our small corner of the world. Here are some of my fondest memories:

Vermilion Catholic and Abbeville High students got to watch a mock football game at VC's stadium. I was there, but not on camera.

We also got to watch some of the filming in downtown Abbeville, including portions of the big climax of the movie involving Magdalene Square and the courthouse. I remember people talking about how a hole had been 'blown' in the street in front of the Bank of Abbeville, though it was just some movie magic.

I remember the thrill of attending the premiere of the finished movie at the Lafitte Cinema 4 with the rest of Abbeville. It seemed some people didn't care for the finished movie, but I was a fan then and think it holds up today.

My fondest memory is the 'piece of the Blob' that my mom somehow got for me. She doesn't remember all the details, but she got a piece of the Blob after it's frozen for me and I've had it ever since. Watch the video above to see it and hear more of my Blob memories. The trailer for the movie is below, but is definitely not for kids or the faint of heart.