Shreveport police are searching for a suspect who vandalized and broke into the office of State Representative Barbara Norton. Norton says the outside of her office was vandalized last week, then someone broke into it on Sunday. She says whoever broke in also changed one of the locks at her office.

“I’m just assuming that they were going to come back, and they weren’t going to have no problem getting in because they had changed the lock,” Norton said.

Police say notes were taped to the front door and scribbled on the glass itself on Wednesday. Norton says after Sunday’s break-in, messages were left throughout the office with the name of someone who works at the courthouse, the word “taxes,” and what appeared to be an address.

“I’m thinking that something must’ve happened downtown at the court, and they may think I know something about it or something. I really don’t know,” Norton said.

This is the second time in less than a year that Norton’s office has been broken into. Norton says her office will remain closed until the damage to the office has been repaired and the investigation is complete.

“I’ve got to get all that fixed, and I don’t want to put my citizens in District 3 in danger, nor do I want to put my assistant or myself in danger,” Norton said.