Republican Congressman Charles Boustany is outraged at an ad that he says was released by a third-party group supporting State Treasurer John Kennedy’s campaign. The ad alleges Boustany voted to send tax dollars to Iraq and Pakistan, which the commercial says are breeding grounds for terrorists. Boustany says the ad is completely untrue.

“It’s despicable. The ad is false, and if John Kennedy has any honor left, he will demand that it be taken off the air immediately,” Boustany said.

The commercial is paid for by the ESA fund. They call themselves an organization that supports candidates who favor enhancing free enterprise, reducing the size of government and balancing our nation’s budget.

Kennedy's response to Boustany's claims:

"The Ending Spending organization is a well respected, national Conservative group. My campaign has no control over what they do or don't do, or what ads they run. I suggest the Congressman contact the Ending Spending group," Kennedy said.
 The ad also claims that one of Boustany’s biggest supporters is a company that builds weapons for Middle Eastern regimes. Boustany says the company they’re referring to is Swiftships, a company that employs 200 Louisianians in Morgan City.

“These people are shipbuilders. They’re great Americans. They make ships for the United State Navy and America’s allies, and I’ve been proud to support them as their congressman,” Boustany said.

During a 12-minute conference call with reporters, Boustany went on the offensive, accusing Kennedy of raising campaign money as State Treasurer then laundered it through a Washington DC political group. He says it’s tragic that after losing previous senate races, Kennedy has to slander people to get himself a new job in politics.

“John Kennedy’s not a leader, he’s a loser. He’s lost twice running for Senate, as a liberal Democrat and as a party-switching Republican. He’s terrified of a third loss that will be the end of a decades-long political career he has nothing to show for,” Boustany said.