On the Moon Griffon Show, Rep. Dee Richard (I-Thibodeaux) joined the host to discuss his continued efforts to cut state contracts, something he believes would save the state of Louisiana millions of dollars.

During the recent Special Session in February, he put forth a bill that would have cut state government outside contract spending by 15 percent. The legislation was killed in the House of Representatives by a slim margin, so he decided to rework the bill.

On the show, Rep. Richard read numerous contracts. One of them he read was out-of-state money that’s apparently going to litter education. Another contract, Richard says, sends money to the University of Tennessee to research the effects of the Macondo oil spill.

Richard also revealed that current Gov. John Bel Edwards has voted for similar legislation brought forth by him in the past, but apparently no longer supports the idea.

The bill is scheduled to be heard next week.

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