State Rep. Bob Hensgens joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to discuss some of the issues surrounding the implementation of 'Common Core Standards'.

When asked what were some of the concerns of parents in regards to Common Core Hensgens said,

There was age inappropriateness in there, there was cultural inappropriateness in there for Acadiana...If there was story in there about an African princess maybe to teach a different culture we could have had a story about Evangeline, a Cajun princess.

We asked if it was true that various religions were being taught through Common Core but Christianity was not and Hensgens replied,

 You have the right to choose which of the four different blocks you will teach...You don't only want to look at the world from our point of view but after they learn our point of view it is good to grab that other point of view and look at us.

We questioned the use of a book by Toni Morrison with a story told from the perspective of a pedophile and according to Hensgens,

I don't know where it's ever appropriate in school.  The curriculum committee at the local level should look at this and say this doesn't meet our standards.  People are now doing this and have been doing this for the last month and replacing those books with more traditional material.

We asked Hensgens what could be done by parents about inappropriate material and he said,

Parents need to call the school board office and talk to someone on the curriculum committee...Also, have the courtesy to talk directly to the teacher because they have the ability to pull that material from their class.


Listen to the interview: