State Representative Joel Robidaux joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today and discussed Governor Bobby Jindal's proposal to raise sales taxes statewide while dispensing with income taxes. Robidaux said,

In the academic arena this sales tax is more regressive in that an income tax disproportionately effects the poor.  Because everyone pays sale taxes but not everyone pays income tax.

To make the sales tax less regressive Robidaux noted,

In the past with the Stelly Tax Plan we made the sales tax less regressive by not taxing goods for household consumption and fuel.  So we've made sales taxes less regressive at the state level.  Those things are still taxed at the local level.

According to Robidaux,

Eliminating income tax will put us on equal footing with other Southern states like Texas and Florida and we have lower property taxes which should lure more people and industry to the state.

Listen to the interview: