An attempt to repeal state income taxes was revived by the  House Ways and Means Committee. The proposal by Livonia Senator Rob Marionneaux passed out of the Senate as a measure to study a possible repeal. Political Analyst John Maginnis, Publisher of says the House committee restored the repeal and narrowed the focus of the bill. The bill would begin a phase out of personal income taxes, over a 10-year period, beginning in 2014. Maginnis says there's a lot of support for Marionneaux's bill and it should get the simple majority it needs to pass the  House. He says the timing of the phase out would give legislators time to find ways to make up the cuts. Changes to the bill made by Baton Rouge Representative Hunter Green, who chairs the Ways and Means Committee, puts it on track for a showdown with the Senate in conference committee. Maginnis says there's a chance the bill might not survive the experience. He says letting the bill die in conference may be a way out for some lawmakers.