A report by the National Center for Health Statistics finds the suicide rate in the US has increased by 24% from 1999 to 2014. LSU Health New Orleans Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry Dr. Michelle Moore says there isn’t a specific reason why the number has gone up.

“Mental health is definitely a big part of it but there could be other factors, a lot of social factors and environmental factors that could be playing a roll.”

In the past week, two male students at Mandeville High School killed themselves within 48 hours of each other. Moore says it’s important to stop and talk to each other about the way we’re feeling and watch if a loved one is acting different than usual. She says parents really need to monitor what kids are posting on social media.

“That seems to be one of the biggest links that there is something that is wrong with children and there is something going on in their life and often those children are making posts, weeks, months and even days prior to events like this.”

The report finds the suicide rate of women increased to 45% and males increased by 16%. Moore says the gap is narrowing between the genders.

“The report shows that females, especially in the younger age group, are at greater risk of suicide than males. Which I think probably surprises a lot of people.”