In the aftermath of a New York newspaper publishing the names and addresses of gun owners and concealed carry weapon holders, Representative Jeff Thompson is looking to "make it a crime to publish the information regarding people who have conceal carry permits in Louisiana."

Rep. Thompson has pre-filed House Bill 8 for the 2013 Louisiana Legislative session. Rep. Thompson says the names and addresses of CCP holders are confidential, and his bill would help ensure they stay that way.

The paper's published content put law-abiding citizens in danger. Thompson gives an example of how a CCP holder could be hurt by someone making their identity public:

People that have been the victims of domestic abuse or violence that are hiding from their abusers, that have sought gun training and a lawful conceal carry permit and have been able to elude the person doing them harm but now suddenly find their name and address published in the paper.

Thompson says such information on Louisiana CCP holders, and applicants for CCPs, is not subject to public records requests and his bill would make it unlawful to release it:

Those who publish the information, anyone who disseminates that information, is gonna be subject to a fine of not more than $5,000 and be in prison for not more than two years. It's a felony.


Thompson's bill would also punish any state employee or law officer who provides such information for public release (without a court order).