This morning's edition of "Wingin It Wednesday" featuring usual panelists Carol Ross, Mike Stagg and sitting in for Warren Caudle, Raymond LaLonde. 

The panelists tackled three issues:  the republican presidential candidates debate, the rebel assistance in Libya, and the debt ceiling discussion.

Each of the panelists had very strong opinions about the candidates who are announced thus far that they are seeking the Republican Presidential nomination with Democrat Mike Stagg suggesting that the Republicans don't really even have a true candidate in the race at this moment.  Ross and LaLonde both balked at that assertion.

On the discussion dealing with Libya, the panelists ended up debating the War in Iraq and Dick Cheney.

As far as the debt ceiling and America's financial crisis, each of the panelists had their own strong assertions, but Stagg differed somewhat with what Ross and LaLonde had to say.