So just what is responsive design?  Jaci Russo stopped by the Afternoon Drive Home and talked about what it is and how it applies to your business.

First, responsive design is simply designing your website so it is easily readable across a large sphere of platforms.  While that used to mean mostly computers, now we have mobile devices and tablet computers that make it tougher to put something together that is consistent.

So how does this apply to your buisness and your brand?  Russo said,

You don't want people to go to your website and leave it immediately because they can't find what they want or they don't like the way something looks.  You want them to get the experience that they are seeking and more so.

Russo said that the change to this kind of a website is a simple one and since this is the year that has been proclaimed as the year of responsive design, she thinks that now is the time to look at this for your website.

Listen to the entire conversation with Jaci Russo below: