Reuters is reporting Governor Bobby Jindal is one of three finalists to be republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's running mate. UNO Political Science Professor Ed Chervanek says it's a bit of an upset that Jindal is a finalist.

It is kinda surprising. Most people didn't really have him at the top tier. They had him maybe at the second tier. It's maybe a sign that Romney is looking to extend his appeal beyond non-Hispanic white Americans and put someone on there who conservatives like as well.

Chervanek says a Romney-Jindal ticket will energize social conservatives within the Republican Party.

There are a large number of conservatives who aren't quite sure about Governor Romney and that putting Jindal on the ticket would help bring those conservatives into the fold.

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and Ohio Senator Rob Portman are the other reported finalists. A decision by Romney could happen as early as this week. But Chervanek doesn't expect Romney will pick Jindal. He predicts Romney will select Senator Portman because Ohio is a swing state in the Presidential election and no Republican has won the Presidency without winning Ohio.