More than 75 parents attended this month's school forum hosed by District 6 School Board Representative Justin Centanni last night.

He joined Rob and Bernie in the KPEL studio this morning to discuss a few pressing topics that have picqued interests within the Lafayette Parish School District.

With a new high school being built in Youngsville, and class populations dictating change, the re-zoning process is underway for the district.

Centanni said the parents, and students, do not necessarily want to change schools, but high student-to-teacher ratios are dictating the re-zoning process. Some schools are over-populated, while others host plenty empty desks.

Another hot ticket item on the school board's recent agendas is the issue of proposed school uniform changes for high school students.

The LPSS Discipline Committee has proposed reducing clothing options for students for safety purposes.

LPSS Superintendent Don Auguillard told KPEL the reason for changing from three options down to one, is to better allow for school administrator to determine which students belong on their respective campuses.

Centanni said the School Board will vote on the proposed changes at its April 6 meeting.

Some Lafayette Parish School System constituents have heavily offered their opinions on the name of the new high school being built  in southern Lafayette Parish.

Centanni said the issue brought forth is based on a two-sentence principle.

Click on the photo above to hear what he thinks that principle may be.