Gifford Briggs, Vice President of the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association (LOGA) visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to discuss:

  • Reasons for the higher cost of gasoline
  • Conversion of vehicles to compressed natural gas (CNG)
  • The XL Keystone Pipeline

We noted that the price of gasoline in some parts of California has hit $4.99 a gallon and Briggs said,

I'm not moving to California but the concern is that, and it's a legitimate one, 'what happens in California, so goes the rest of the country'.  We may not see those prices here but it's early in the driving season for us to be seeing those prices.

Briggs said there are a number of things driving higher prices,

Crude oil prices are higher in the $90 a barrel range with $100 in sight.  We've got the beginning of the transition to a summer blend of gasoline and of course we have higher demand.

Converting a vehicle to use CNG has costs involved but Briggs said,

Currently you get a 50 percent rebate from the State of Louisiana to convert to CNG so that's approximately $5,000 in savings.  If you drive approximately 15,000 miles each year you will save the rest of the cost in a year or two based on the much lower cost of compressed natural gas.


To learn more about converting a vehicle to use compressed natural gas call Gifford Briggs at 225-388-9524

To hear what Briggs had to say about the XL Keystone pipeline and more about compressed natural gas listen to the interview by clicking here: