The National Weather Service in Lake Charles has confirmed that an EF1 tornado touched down in Breaux Bridge Thursday morning. The path of the tornado was 50 yards wide and 3 miles long. A Breaux Bridge resident says they were awakened by the sound of roaring wind.  There are multiple downed trees in the area. More on the story later.

Damage In Breaux Bridge, S. Patin


Damage In Breaux Bridge, S. Pain
Breaux Bridge Weather Damage, S. Patin



Carencro Flooding, Picture Courtesy of Brandon Comeaux

Louisiana State Police Troop I reports that Highway 167 three miles south of Ville Platte has water on the roadway.  The detour is highway 748 to highway 103 and then back onto highway 167.

The following routes are now closed due to high water. Motorists are encouraged to avoid these areas and use an alternate route.


From the DOTD:

Effective immediately, the following roads are closed due to high water. The roads will be reopened as soon as conditions improve.


Acadia Parish    


La. 91 Pontoon Bridge @ Esterwood

La. 367 (1 mile north of La. 370)

La.365 from La.13 to La.370

La. 1120 from La. 100 to La. 98

La. 95 from south of La. 35 to La. 1108

La. 95 south of Church Point

                High Water:

La.3070 between La.98 and La. 100

La.367 between La.98 and La.1113

La.91 between La.3067 and La. 368

La.98 between La.3070 and La.13

La. 95 between La. 1097 and La. 98

La. 13 from La. 1121 to La. 370

La. 35 from La. 370 to La. 95

La. 92 from La. 13 to La. 1124

La. 92 at La. 1119

La. 95 from La. 178 to La. 754

La. 95 from La. 1096 to I-10 overpass

La. 97 at La. 100

La. 97 at La. 98

La. 367 at La. 365 (and on La. 367 0.70 miles north of La. 365)

La. 367 (1 mile north of La. 370)

La. 370 from La. 13 to La. 367

U.S.90 from La. 1124 to Jeff Davis Parish Line

La. 13 from the Acadia Parish line to La. 91

Highway 35 North and South in Church Point is closed.

Highway 190 in the Lawtell area is closed.

Highway 367 North of Rayne between Highways 98 and 1113

Highway 92 West of Highway 13

Highway 98 near Highway 3070

Multiple reports of standing water on the roadways in Rayne

Highway 13 north of I-10 for at least a 1/4 of mile North to Don Shelter, also standing water north on

Standing water on Highway 13 North of I-10 and several spots further North

Evangeline Parish                            


U.S. 167 from La. 748 to La. 103

La. 10 from La. 13 to La. 106

                High Water:       

La. 95 from La. 29 to La. 758

U.S. 167 from (Lasalle Street in Ville Platte)

La. 104 from (Mamou) Jct. La. 29 to Jct. La. 3149

La. 106 from La. 13 to U.S. 167

La. 106 from U.S. 167 to La. 3042

La. 1172

Iberia Parish - Roads that are flooded

Charles St & Lee St
Railroad Rd
John Rd
Hazard Rd
Yvonne S Rd.

Parts of Duperior Ave

E St. Peter St

Admiral Doyle Dr between Julia St & Weeks St.

Jane St & Landry Dr.

Hwy 14 between Weeks Island Rd and Avery Island Rd

La. 14 at La. 676 (Valery Road)

French St from Pershing St to Dale St

Center St from Dale St to Pershing St

Bank Ave to Malain from E Dale St

Henshaw Aly from E Dale St to Hacker St

Weeks St between Dale St and Admiral Doyle Dr

Hayes Rd

Northwest Bypass and Admiral Doyle Dr.

Broken Arrow Rd.

Center St Near Weeks Island Rd.

Charles St & Lee St.

and Pinhook near Wal-Mart and Starbucks

Lafayette Parish                                


La. 342 Ridge from La. 93 Roundabout to Rue Ile Des Cannes         

                 High Water:      

La. 89 at Eddie Lewis Rd.

La. 342 at La. 719

La. 342 at La. 700 (Acadia Parish Line)

La. 339 at La. 92

La. 734 at LA. 339

La. 176 at US 167

La. 94 at Louisiana Ave.

La. 3138 at La. 94

La. 98 at La. 343

La. 96 at La. 182

La. 700 at La. 342

La. 89 at Iberia Parish Line

Elias G Road near Breaux Road,

Bourque Road at Coulee Ill Des Cannes

Robley Road at the Lafayette/Vermillion Parish line

City of Scott

300 Block of Rue Bon Secours

1600 and 2200 Blocks of Renaud Rd

Pecan Grove Rd @ Clay Rd

Mills St near Frontage Rd

Portions of St. Louis St, Lafayette St, Blanche St and Victoria St

All of Scott City Park

Old Spanish Trail between Apollo and L. Provost Rd.

Flash floods have produced standing water on University between Johnston and Pinhook

St. Landry Parish             


La. 361 1 mile north of La. 71

La. 343 north of La. 761 (Bristol area)

La. 29 at St. Landry Parish Line

La. 13 from La. 91 to Acadia Parish Line

U.S. 190 eastbound at the intersection of La. 104 (Opelousas)

U.S. 190 from Lawtell near the intersection of La. 35 west connection (southbound only)

La. 35 from La. 358 to La. 751

La. 182 from La. 3233 to La. 178

U.S. 190 from La. 13  to east of the city limits.

Hyw 13 in Eunice closed both directions

U.S. 190 in Opelousas

High Water:

La. 361 between U.S. 71 and Big Cane

La. 360 north of La. 10

U.S. 190 from eastern Eunice City Limits to La. 13

La. 182 from La. 3233 to La. 178

St. Martin Parish                              


La. 347 from the south junction of La. 678 to the north junction La. 678

High Water:



Vermilion Parish                              

                High Water:       

La. 3267 from South Hospital Dr. to South Airport Rd.

La. 335 from La. 694 to Melrose Rd.

La. 91 from La. 332 to Spencer Rd.

La. 343 from La. 696 to La 697

La. 338 from La. 14B to Jct. La 14 Business Route (Charity Street)

La. 330 from La. 1260 to La. 82

La. 343 from La. 696 to La 697

La. 335 from La. 14 Bypass to La 14 Business Route (Charity Street in Abbeville)

La. 14 throughout Gueydan

La. 3143

La. 35 south from la. 82 to La. 335

La. 699 from La. 343 to Claude Road

U.S. 167 from La. 92 to Alfred Road

La. 14 from La. 89 to the old La. 14 in Erath