Remember when you were a kid and you couldn't wait until the last school bell of the day rang so you go home and play?  I remember being crazy until that final bell because recess was not long enough for all of the cool stuff I wanted to do.  I wanted to go home and play Barbies, then ride my bike, then join the kids on the block to be Wonder Woman from the Justice League.  It was the best to solve crimes, get the bad guys and save the world.

Well now a company in Japan has come up with a new idea on how to entertain children.  He is called Robovie.  He is a three foot tall robot created by this company called Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute.  I am all for new technology, but do scientist really need to create little three foot creatures for our kids to play with.  We already have i-phones, i-pads, electronic games and the boob tube to keep our kids entertained, and isn't that one of the reasons we can't get kids outside to play anymore?  I love technology, but thinking about a three foot tall robot for kids to play with just sounds down right creepy to me!

I used to love that cartoon, "The Jetsons" because it was fun, and there was that robot that cleaned the house.  Now, a robot to clean the house, take care of lawn chores, help sick people and help us with homework sounds good to me, but a robot to entertain a kid?  It seems weird.  How are they ever going to impart joy into a computer program so that when you are imagining that you are catching the bad guy you will feel like Superman!  It's a little nutty to me to think that we will have robots to interact with our kids.  Are they going to teach them morals?  Will robots be able to teach kids about best friends? Loyalty? It seems impossible.  It seems wrong somehow.  Maybe I have just become some old lady, and I know our very young folks will be able to embrace the new technology better than I will, but tell me, now will an android tell you ghost stories on that sleep over in the tree house with a flash light?  Nah, for me just give me the simple imagination was always way more impressive than an technology I saw as a kid, and I just hope it's the same for the kids of tomorrow.