Mitt Romney is on the road campaigning and continues to get the question about his running mate.  For many, this is an indicator of what kind of decisions that a potential president would make.  It also indicates what kind of people will advise them if and when they get to the Oval Office.

Because of a controversial choice in the last cycle by John McCain, many are hoping for a more traditional choice by the former Massachusetts Governor.  That has included names like Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Ohio Senator Rob Portman and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.  Given this list, there are some strong names there and some great choices for the position.

First, I think that Romney needs to name who it is, the sooner the better.  He needs someone to travel around and provide another voice and another fundraising source for his campaign.  That would be provided by any one of these, although some would be better than others.

Second, I think that Bobby Jindal should not be the choice for Mr. Romney.  There are many that have said he has run the state well and with a few exceptions, he has.  He would be a great foil against the President, because he experienced first hand how President Obama drug his feet in helping the state during the oil spill.  However, Louisiana is a state that he can count on in this election.  It is not likely to be anything but a red state at the end of the campaign.  Also, there is still a bad taste in the mouths of people nationwide because of Governor Jindal's State of the Union response a few years ago.  No doubt that he is a rising star in the party and he will go further than just the Governor's office, but he is not the best choice for Romney right now.

If Romney is a smart man, he will likely choose Marco Rubio.  He is everything that Romney is not, but would still be someone that the common Republican could get behind.  He has experience in the Senate, which would prepare him for the role that the Vice President has as President of the Senate.  He is also from a swing state that Romney needs for this election.

That choice would make me comfortable and many Americans would say that it is a smart match.  Any way you look at it, though, Mitt Romney needs to make his decision and make it soon.