Fresh off the appearance at the Republican National Convention, Mitt Romney decided to make a change to his schedule.  Rather than go to Virginia, he decided to join Governor Bobby Jindal and check out some of the flood ravaged areas that were hit hard by Hurricane Isaac.

After it was discovered that President Obama was planning on a fundraiser in Cleveland on Monday, he decided to cancel in order to visit the state.  But this was only after the announcement by Governor Romney.

We know that the campaign is in full swing, but this move by Mitt Romney has to be seen for what it is, genuine concern for Americans.  Chances are great that Mr. Romney will get the votes of people in Louisiana regardless of what he decided to do.  He has nothing to gain from making the trip and yet he is doing so.

Further, it shows that President Obama is not taking things seriously.  He could have come to the state yesterday to view the damage.  He could have come today.  Instead the President is too busy to see the devastation that his fellow citizens are living with.  He will come around on Monday to check it out, but seems to be doing so grudgingly.

I'm not one to claim that Mitt Romney's move is totally without some political use.  His coming to the state shows that he cares about things to people in the other 49 states.  In some of the swing states, this will show them that a President Romney will take things seriously when some disastrous thing takes place.

You have to tip your hat to Mr. Romney.  He is after the Presidency, no doubt about that.  Still, he didn't have to make his way to the Pelican State.  That is clearly the job of the man who currently is President.  It is a real shame that Mr. Obama had to be talked into it, just because his opponent decided to do the right thing.