This week's edition of  "Wingin’ It Wednesday”  came on the heels of the Republican National Convention and in the midst of the Democratic National Convention. Panelists Carol Ross, Tom Angers, and Mike Stagg  joined "Mornings With Ken and Bernie” to discuss the conventions and the upcoming election.

Here’s what the panel had to say:

1. John Burton, the chairman of the California Democratic Party has compared Republican tactics used during the presidential campaign to the “big lie” strategy most famously employed by Nazi propagandists. What do you think of Burton's comments?

Mike Stagg led off:

He might have been a little over the top with the analogy to Nazis, but when you fact check Romney and Paul Ryan's speeches and the other speeches made at that convention, they're attached to reality.

Carol Ross added:

Let me quote that great intelligent philosopher Pee-Wee Herman, “I know you are but what am I?” Just what big lies did they tell?

Are we better off today than when the Democrats took over congress in 2007? I don't think so.

Tom Angers countered:

This is a dynamite strategy to try to divert attention from Obama's political and personal past.

What America is facing is a historic choice between an admitted socialist and a proven capitalist.

2. The United States is finalizing a pact with Egypt’s newly-established Islamist government to forgive $1 billion in debt as part of an international assistance package intended to “bolster [the country's] transition to democracy,” in the words of the New York Times. Are we in a position to forgive anyone's debts at this time?


Tom Angers began:

Absolutely not. We're spending 50% more than we're taking in. It's time to cut the debt below the receipts. Only by creating a surplus in the country will the debt ever be under control.

This country needs to get away from the idea that we can buy friendship but giving away money.

Carol Ross countered:

This is another broken campaign promise. President Obama said he would restore “America's moral superiority in the world”. Do you do that by forgiving debt to people who are not very friendly to us? It doesn't engender respect to act like a patsy to the world.

Mike Stagg commented:

First of all, the debt the USA owes China is a trade deficit, they don't hold the United States debt, it's mostly held by Americans. Second, if you heard Romney's speech, it mostly centers around war. This constant war mantra that comes out of the Republican Party from people like Ryan and Romney who have never served a day in their life is just ludicrous. The USA cant afford another war.

Now that the Republican Convention is over.  What are your impressions of any of the speeches you saw?


Tom Angers began:

I especially liked Ann Romney's speech. There's been a lot said about Mitt being stiff and born with a silver spoon in his mouth. I think she proved that they lived under tight circumstances as a young couple like anyone else. She made the point that any money that came to Mitt he gave away, his salary as Governor he gave away, any money he made from the Olympics he gave away. And all the money he made, he made the old fashioned American way.

Mike Stagg countered:

To hear Paul Ryan called an economic realist – he does not balance the budget, his plan actually adds more debt on to it. These people are fundamentally detached from reality.

Education and opportunity are the real anti-poverty program.

Carol Ross commented:

What I thought was a brilliant strategy was the positive, forward looking tone from the entire convention, from Kelly Ayotte, to Rubio, to Ryan, all of them were forward looking.

At first I was a little nervous about Ann Romney's speech because she isn't a polished speaker, but it came from the heart.

Whoever decided that convention would be forward looking made a briliant decision, because that's what Americans are thinking about right now.

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