Scary news folks. It looks like a new hybrid breed of cat-sharks is now terrorizing ducklings in kitchens around the country. These cat-sharks are mechanized, having mastered the art of Roomba riding, and are considered highly dangerous.

The cat-sharks are not alone in their misdeeds. Hybrid dog-sharks have allied with the cat-sharks and have been engaging in a mysterious and nefarious wave of crime.

The dog-sharks and cat-sharks should be easily distinguishable. While the mechanized cat-sharks ride around on Roombas, the dog-sharks choose instead to walk along side, patrolling the flanks of their feline counterparts.

Authorities aren't sure where the cat-sharks and dog-sharks have come from or what they're after, they just know that ducklings, and possibly humanity at large should take precautions.

Okay, none of this is true. We just think this video is hilarious. Please enjoy and feel free to pass this along.