Barq's root beer (Photo Courtesy of

BILOXI, Miss. (AP) — A Mississippi family famous for its role in Gulf Coast soft drink history is now involved in a $1 million legal battle.

Lou Ella Barq claims in a lawsuit that she is in financial straits because her son and his wife siphoned off more than $1 million she inherited from her husband. She is the widow of William Adolph Barq, the third and final family president of Barq's root beer — now owned by the Coca-Cola Company. The lawsuit, filed in Mississippi Chancery Court, is detailed in a story in The Sun Herald .

A chancery court judge last month temporarily froze the assets of her son, Barry Barq, and his wife, Veronika Barq. The couple filed papers denying any wrongdoing and objecting to having their assets frozen.


(Information from: The Sun Herald,


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