Word has spread through Lafayette that a 'violent protest' targeting 'white females' will be happening at the corner of Johnston and South College this evening.

This has been confirmed as a rumor by Lafayette authorities.

KATC reports that Lafayette Police, State Police and the Lafayette City Marshal's Office have addressed the rumor, which has been making its way through social media via a screen shot of a text from a Lafayette City Marshal or an FBI agent.


The rumor also states that an African-American group coming to Lafayette and that "a rumor is going around about white females." It tells people to "stay home," and urges "white females" to stay away from stores and gas stations.

Lafayette Police say they have no credible evidence that anything is planned at that location tonight, or that anyone is in danger. State Police also have no information about any credible threats of any kind.

State Police are investigating all threats made on social media. Other rumored threats have also been debunked, including an alleged 'purge' in Baton Rouge.

Local authorities are aware of and will be working with those who planned a peaceful prayer rally tonight in downtown Lafayette and a protest scheduled for Tuesday night in Girard Park.