The U.S. has slapped Russia with economic sanctions because of human rights violations and in retaliation Russian President Vladimir Putin will sign a ban on adoptions of orphans by Americans.  "Mr. Warmth" Vladimir Putin says,

Higher living standards overseas are no reason to allow children to be adopted by foreigners.

Putin also pledged to help to improve the lives of children in Russia's under-resourced orphanages.  Sure he'll improve their lives.  If he wanted to improve their lives don't you think he would have done something before these children became pawns in the fight for human rights?  Putin and Russians in general should have had more compassion for these orphans long ago.  These children should have been provided better health care and living conditions before Russia was publicly embarrassed and humiliated in the press.  But wait, nothing embarrasses the Russian government.  From gulags to orphanages it still treats it's people as pawns to be used and abused by a God-less government.

It really is a shame that a government is so proud that it will let it's own children suffer to prove a point.  The Russian government is being sanctioned for mistreating it's people and responds by mistreating even more of it's people.

Once again the Russian government and it's people prove that a nation without God is a heartless society.