In this internet age many parents are feeling overwhelmed and worried about the safety of their children.  Jaci Russo of the Russo Group is presenting Digital Citizen U this week to help educate both parents and children on internet security and etiquette.  Today Russo joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' to discuss the upcoming event.  Digital Citizen U will take place at the LITE Center and will feature classes for middle-school, junior high, high school students and as Russo called 'remedial students', parents.

According to Russo,

"Digital Citizen U is teaching people, mainly kids, how to properly use the social-media they're on all day.  We're not going to teach them how to use the apps, they can teach that class.  We're going to teach them to use them in the right way so they're not hurting their personal brand."

Russo said children are making mistakes that are causing suspensions presently and may haunt them forever.  To register or to get more information visit the Digital Citizen U website.

Listen to the interview: