It isn't much of a surprise that the New Orleans Saints organization has reportedly (from Adam Schefter of espn) asked linebacker Jonathan Vilma and defensive end Will Smith to restructure their contracts.

Each player holds huge salary cap numbers under their current contracts. Vilma carries a $4.8 million base salary and an $8.6 million salary cap for next season, while Smith carries a base salary of $9 million and holds a $14.5 million salary cap figure.

The question is whether or not the organization will ask both players to take a pay cut. Last season, Smith and Vilma agreed to restructuring, but their base salaries was shifted into bonuses, rather than actually agreeing to less money in the long run.

The follow up question would be rather either player accepts a restructuring that would also mean a pay cut.

Vilma turns 31 in April, while Smith turns 32 in July.