New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma is appealing the suspension that was handed down to him by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell last week.

Goodell suspended Vilma for the entire 2012 NFL season for Vilma's role in the pay-for-performance bounty system run by the Saints' organization. Vilma is accused of being a ringleader. In his appeal, Vilma says the NFL has not put forth evidence linking him to the bounty situation. Vilma also argues in the appeal that Goodell should not hear it and wants a delay in the process until the matter of who should decide on it has been settled through grievances filed by the NFL Players Association last week.

Meanwhile, former Saints player Anthony Hargrove, who was suspended for eight games in the 2012 season, says coaches told him to lie about the bounty situation. Read more about it HERE. He and former Saints linebacker Scott Fujita have appealed their suspensions.