When reporters asked CJ Spiller how he felt in the offseason, he said "The Thriller" might be back. Obviously, the Saints weren't too thrilled with his production.

After giving Spiller a four year contract worth $16 million, they decided to cut ties and cut their losses after only two seasons. Spiller only produced 352 total yards in the first year of his contract, and New Orleans let him go before even seeing him play a game of his second season.

Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis have some explaining to do. Was he injured like Keenan Lewis? Was he not worth the money so you decided to get rid of him before he cost you more? In any situation, this is another botched free agency acquisition from the Saints.

The worst part? New Orleans is going to have to eat $7 million this year, $4.5 million next year and $2.5 million the year after in dead cap space. Money well spent...