It's playoff time in the NFL and just like everyone else in Acadiana, we here at KPEL are huge supporters of the New Orleans Saints.

To help support the Saints, KPEL is bringing you the "Popeye's Black And Gold Photo Contest." The winner will receive a 50 piece meal from Popeyes, a $50 gift card to Louisiana Hot Stuff, and a Who Dat voodoo doll.

"A Who Dat voodoo doll?" you ask. "What is that?" you wonder quietly to yourself...

Louisiana Hot Stuff

Take it from us, that voodoo doll is no toy. Louisiana Hot Stuff owner David Faulk believes strongly that these voodoo dolls are the Saints' secret weapon in the playoffs. Louisiana Hot Stuff has included a special voodoo chant with the purchase of every doll that will put a serious curse on the Seahawks and assure the Saints a victory this weekend.

Our friend Steve Wiley of 99.9 KTDY did us the favor of reading this voodoo chant to help the black and gold bring home the Super Bowl.

Take a look at the video and be sure to enter the "Popeye's Black And Gold Photo Contest"!