(Photo by Simon J. Baker/Getty Images)

St. Martin Parish Sheriff's officials want to remind residents that they can pick up sand bags from 7 am to 5:30 pm till further notice. Empty sandbags will be distributed at the Stephensville Recreation Park on Highway 70, then residents will go to one of six sand distribution locations to fill their own soundbags. These are the six locations:

Gravel Turnaround Across from Doiron's Landing on Hwy. 70
Stephensville Rd. across from the Stephensville Fire Station
East Stephensville Road at the Bus turn around near the Mosquito Bar
End of Four Mile Bayou Road
Water Tower on Tower Tank Road
Hwy. 70 Across from the Belle River Fire Station
In Butte Larose the sandbags will be at the Butte Larose Boat Ramp (located at the intersection of Herman Dupuis Road and the Atchafalaya River Hwy.) Residents will be responsible for bagging their own sand bags.