Today is the 40th birthday of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The Dome officially opened on August 3, 1975 after almost four years of construction.

General Manager Alan Freeman says 40 years is a great run, but the facility still has a lot of life left. He says that’s why they decided to theme this anniversary year, 40 Strong,"not only to commemorate not only the history of the dome but also the fact that it has a very, very promising future."

He says upgrades to the stadium has kept the Superdome a viable venue to host some of the world’s biggest events. Freeman says they are constantly looking at ways to enhance the fan’s experience at the Dome.
Over the next couple of years, you're going to see and hear a new sound system in the building and large video screens," Freeman told Louisiana Radio Network's Eric Gill. "Both of those projects are being funded by the Saints.
The Saints are the Superdome’s primary tenant. Over the years, the Superdome has hosted seven Super Bowls, five Final Fours, and a WrestleMania, just to name a few. Freeman is confident all of these and more will return to the Dome.
We're very optimistic about the future," Freeman said. "We are going to get some more of these events. We are still a major player when it comes to hosting major championship sporting events.