The Community Education Plan Committee, a volunteer group, has met multiple times to discuss the many needs of schools in Lafayette Parish.

The committee has said the system needs new tax revenue to pay for many repairs in the district.  Voters, of course, would have to approve any new taxes.

The vote on a possible new tax will likely not happen until late 2014.  The school board would first have to consider whether or not to send the items on to voters, and that likely won't happen until after elections next fall.

An agenda item to issue a public notice of a possible tax election in the early part of 2014 did not get a second motion of support from the board.  The issue died without being brought before the board for discussion.

If the school board does not get another influx of money, then the district will face a $14 million deficit.  State mandates, including contributions to the retirement system, are driving the big budget needs.