Political folks, many of them, often talk just to hear themselves talk.  They can be nothing but a bunch of windbags.  But in the case of Senator Chuck Schumer trying to the help the elderly with TSA, I actually think this could help.

Senator Chuck Schumer is calling on the Transportation Safety Administration to create passenger advocates at every airport in America.  These people would be charged with assisting air travelers with complaints about searches.  This all started after several allegations were made by elderly people saying they had violated, by basically getting strip searched by TSA.   

I am all for checking out people, but when it comes to our elderly, yeah, we need to give them an advocate.  Say what you will about our security, profiling, whatever, I want to be safe, I want people to be checked, but I don't want the elderly to be violated.  Unfortunately we live in a world where people can be used, abused, kidnapped, whatever, to get them to do something, so yeah people have to be checked.  But, I saw get these advocates for the elderly, children, and the disabled. 

I know most people working at the TSA are probably decent, hardworking, good, honest people, but take a look around your office, and you will know that every organization also has a few "bad apples" who don't have the common sense that God gave your dog, and yes, they may strip search, grope or otherwise "violate" someone, and not even be bright enough to know they are doing it, or they are so soulless they think in some sick way it's funny.......so get the advocates!  I can't believe I agree with Schumer.