People who live in the 100 block of Haven Loop complained to Lafayette Parish Sheriff's officials yesterday after they say they saw a man standing inside of a home, nude, right in front of the window.  Deputies say the reports indicate that the man was massaging himself.

Lafayette Parish Deputies went out the address around 6:30 last night to speak with several witnesses in the area.  They said the man,  Edward Boudreaux, is known to walk throughout his home nude.  Witnesses say he does this often with the curtain pulled back on the window, and that he has been doing this for nearly a year.

Captain Judie tells KPEL that deputies were able to obtain statements from multiple neighbors who indicated that the man’s behavior was lewd and offensive.

Deputies identified the resident as 49-year-old Edward Boudreaux III.  He was questioned by deputies and provided confirmation that he intentionally exposed himself in full view of neighbors and anyone else passing by.

Deputies arrested Boudreaux for obscenity, he later posted a $5,000.00 bond and was released.