Scott Police arrest a man for biting off a chunk of another man's face. Scott Assistant Police Chief Kert Thomas says a child custody dispute was at the heart of the attack. Carl Jacquneaux is accused of biting the face of his ex-wife's boyfriend, Todd Credeur.

Friends of the victim told police that Jacquneaux had been using the synthetic drug commonly called "bath salts" - which were connected  to a similar case in Miami last week where police shot and killed a man who was eating another man’s face off. In that case, the man ate nearly 80% of another man’s face. Thomas says Credeur grabbed a can of wasp spray to get Jacquneaux away from him, but was unsuccessful. Thomas says Jacquneaux's bite made quite a gash on Credeur's face.

We're talking about the size of a 50 cent piece or so, an inch or so in diameter.

Thomas says he cannot confirm Jacquneaux was under the influence of anything.

At this point, it's still an investigation. We've had dealings with Mr. Jacquneaux in the past, of course not to this extent. So we're really not sure what provoked this type of attack.

Thomas describes this bizarre incident as "not something you'd see everyday."