Crime Statistics released this week from the Scott Police Department show an increase in the number of calls where officers were dispatched by two percent over the previous year.

Most areas of crime saw some increases in 2012 including:

  • an 11 percent increase in traffic crashes
  • an increase in domestic violence calls
  • an increase in calls regarding thefts

The police department says overall there were 15,254 calls into the department in 2012.  Out of those calls, there was an increase of 28 percent in the amount of adults arrested.  Also, there was a 15 percent increase in the amount of juvenile arrested last year.

Another area that the department saw an increase in was traffic crashes. The department reports that even though they had an increase in traffic enforcement efforts last year, there will still an 11 percent increase in the amount of crashes.

Of the 523 crashes reported last year, 116 were rear end crashes.  Officials say the crashes were mostly caused by driver inattention and drivers distracted by their mobile phones.

The Scott Police Department reports the number of calls about domestic violence and thefts also increased in 2012 from 2011.

While most of the information about last year's crime statistics showed increases, there was one area where the department say a major decline.  The amount of drug arrests last year declined by 75 percent.

The Scott Police Department believe some of the increase in crimes are because of the fast growing pace of the City. After a reviewing the numbers, Chief Chad Leger wrote in a press release that he is "very confident that with the continuing growth of the City of Scott, Scott is a very safe place for people to live and work as well as a great place to raise a family and watch your kids learn, play and grow."