A Lafayette man was arrested after leaving the Scott City Park this past weekend.

Officers say a caller told them they spoke to a man asleep in his car at the park to see if he needed medical help.

The caller says the person appeared intoxicated, and when told he shouldn't drive in his condition and call someone to come get him, he drove away instead.

The witness followed Frederick Savoy down the road where the caller says Savoy drove slowly, crossed the center lane several times and nearly hit a bridge guard rail.

Police were able to find Savoy and pull him over.  The officer says Savoy had slurred, slowed speech, unsure balance, and the officer says he smelled the strong odor of alcohol.

The officer administered a standardized field sobriety test, which the officer says indicated intoxication.

When Savoy was taken to the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office for a chemical breath test, the officer says Savoy had a blood alcohol level of .189.

He was arrested for 2nd offense OWI and driving under suspension.