SCOTT, La. (KPEL) -- Police in Scott are asking the district attorney's office to drop gun charges against a man whom police originally arrested for possessing a stolen firearm.

Scott Police Chief Chad Leger said Joshua Craft was arrested Saturday following a two-vehicle crash. Police said Craft was drunk at the time of the accident, and he had a gun in his car that had been reported stolen out of Baton Rouge.

Police learned Monday, though, that the gun was sold the Craft's family by the person who reported it stolen.

"It is believed that the seller of the weapon had misplaced the weapon and reported it stolen," Craft said. "The weapon was later found by the seller and then sold to Mr. Craft."

The original owner evidently failed to notify police in Baton Rouge that he found the gun so it could be removed from a national database as a stolen weapon.

"Mr. Craft had no knowledge that the gun was still listed as stolen," Leger said.

Craft still faces a drunk driving charge.