For many weeks we have talked about many kinds of food, but never have we focused on seafood.  This week we change that with a discussion with David Bertrand from Shucks in Abbeville.  He stopped by and spoke with us on the Afternoon Drive Home and talked about  how Louisiana supplies seafood as well as oil to the country.  He also mentioned that there is a reason why seafood doesn't taste near as good when it goes north.  Bertrand said,

I joke with my friends up north that they don't give us enough credit to make sure that it's dead once we catch it.  You don't have to cook it for 45 minutes.

Bertrand also mentioned that shrimp is often done after only 3 minutes of boiling.

He mentioned the secret for making crawfish etoufee using a secret family recipe, which he shared with us.

Listen to the complete conversation below:

Check out the recipe for David's Crawfish Etoufee below:

Ingredients for 1 recipe.  Will feed appr. 4 people:

1 lb Louisiana Crawfish

1 onion chopped

½ bell pepper chopped

1 stalk celery chopped

1 stick butter

Crawfish fat from bag


Seasoning to taste


Melt butter; add in crawfish tails; season with your choice of salt, black pepper and/or Tony Chachere’s Seasoning.

Cook on low fire only 3  minutes.

Remove from fire and strain, reserving melted butter.  Put crawfish to the side.

Put butter back in pot, add chopped seasoning.

Rinse bag from crawfish tails with approx. 1 cup water and pour into pot with seasoning.

Saute butter, seasoning and water until all vegetables are tender on low fire.

Once thoroughly cooked, blend mixture with a hand held  blender in the pot.

Add crawfish back in to mixture on low heat for approx 2 more minutes.

Taste for seasoning.  May need to add more at this point.

To bring sauce to desired thickness use blonde roux (butter and flour) or cornstarch

Turn off fire and cover.  Allow to sit for 10 minutes under cover to allow flavors to absorb.