Secretary of State Tom Schedler says based on the likelihood of low turnout on Saturday’s elections, he would like to have a conversations with the legislature about ending December elections.

He says it might make more sense to have the primary for federal elections in early October and the runoff in November.

“It hurts us with seniority with our Congressman and our Senator because they are elected 30 days after their freshmen class, and it affects them throughout their career with committee assignments and the like and seniority,” Schedler said.

Schedler says Louisiana is the only state that still has elections looming in December. He says it’s difficult to get voting machines delivered during the holiday season because so many trucks are being used to deliver Christmas cards and presents from online orders. He says they also have a hard time finding commissioners to work December elections.

“A lot of them are elderly and traveling visiting kids or they’re shopping or they have parties so they’re cancelling out, they can’t attend,” Schedler said.

Schedler says having the runoff in December leads to lower voter turnout because people are so fed up with elections by this time. He says he’ll talk to legislators more about this next year in the hopes of moving up the federal elections in 2018.

“Everything would conclude with the presidential election, and that’s the way every other state in the country does it with the exception of Louisiana. We’re the only one in the country that is sitting there trying to finish an election cycle for this year,” Schedler said.