Abbeville Police arrested 19-year-old Tyrus Jamal Porter on a St. Martin Parish warrant dealing with a shooting on Johnson Road in February.

Porter is facing multiple charges for his alleged involvement in a shooting incident that happened in Cecilia last month.

St.Martin Parish deputies were called out toJohnson Roadon February 17 after someone reported that a car was seen driving erratically and that shots had been fired.

One person was treated and released for a non-life threatening gunshot would.

Porter is facing the following charges:


  • LA R.S. 14:27-14:64-1 Count of Attempted Armed Robbery
  • LA R.S. 14:34-1 Count of AggravatedBattery
  • LA R.S. 14:27-14:30.1- 1 Count of Attempted 2nd Degree Murder/Non-Negligent Manslaughter
  • LA R.S. 14:37-1 Count of Assault By Drive By Shooting

Another suspect, 17-year-old Darron Carter of Lafayette was arrested last week in connection with the case.

Porter's bond has been set at $150,000.00.