Secretary of State Tom Schedler expects a huge voter turnout for next week’s Presidential election. Schedler says 515,000 residents early voted and we could see an overall voter turnout of around 69%.

He says about 1.7 million registered voters have yet to vote.

“We didn’t know what to anticipate, were people going to stay home, were they fed up, what are they going to do on election day but by this turnout it certainly has softened that position.”

Schedler says 57% of those who early voted were women.

“Both on the African American side, other races, and white. That’s a very vigorous vote, one that we’ll have to make note of. Of course one of these candidates has some problems with women, you have to wonder how that factors in.”

Schedler reminds voters to read up on the six constitutional amendments that are on the ballot. He also wants to put all the rumors to rest once again about voting machines being rigged because it isn’t possible.

“We never had one certified error in a machine. We’ve proven, at least through the seven days of early voting, that the system is sound, it’s the same system we’ve been voting on.”