Could doors be opening for potential voter fraud here in Louisiana as the presidential election  is fast approaching? Secretary of State Tom Schedler thinks so and he cautioning voters to be aware of mail coming from the Voter Participation Center.

Secretary Schedler says hundreds of complaints have come in to his office regarding the ongoing mailings. Schedler has responded to VPC’s mailing via postal mail and asked them to take responsibility for their actions. Schedler had this to say:

We do not believe that VPC performed proper due diligence in purchasing the list used for the mailing. If the mailing had included current information, we would not have had the numerous complaints that were filed with our office. Not only did the list contain dead people, but it also contained minors and felons which opens the door to voter fraud.

Here is a list of the complaints filed by recipients:

  • Pre-filled applications with nicknames
  • Recipients who thought someone was trying to change their name
  • Deceased applicants’ names on mailings (in some cases since the 1960s and 1970s)
  • Misspelled applicants’ names
  • Recipients concerned with identity theft
  • Minor children in receipt of applications
  • Recipients questioning the legitimacy of the pre-filled applications
  • Recipients already registered
  • Addressee on mailing did not live at address
  • Addressee on mailing lives and is registered in another state.

Local registrars of voters also logged complaints including the aforementioned information in addition to signatures not matching signatures on file in the Registrar of Voters Office and applications mailed to convicted felons.

For more information about the Secretary of State’s Elections Division, visit or call (225) 922-0900.