This week on "Wingin' It Wednesday", panelist Carol Ross, Mike Stagg, and Warren Caudle joined "Nathan and Bernie in the Morning" to discuss the recent breaches in security allowed by the Secret Service as well as the possibility of Charter Schools receiving state money.

Here's what the panel had to say:

1. The knife-wielding man who jumped the fence managed to get farther into the building than originally thought. While the President was in Atlanta, an armed and twice-convicted contractor was allowed on the elevator with the President. What's wrong with the Secret Service.

Carol Ross started us off:

I watched the online graphic showing exactly where this guy went… wow. The agent who finally brought him down was an off duty agent, which is crazy.
There is a systemic problem at the Secret Service. Remember there were gunshots back in 2011 that they just found out about now. Just this past march another agent was found passed out in a Netherlands hotel hallway.
There’s no accountability and this is just another reflection of that.

Warren Caudle posited:

This is a serious breakdown, although the White House is not the only place this has happened. A few years ago this happened to Queen Elizabeth.
I think we should replace the Secret Service with the Marine Security Guards.
When you have these kinds of things, if you’ve ever been around a presidential visit, the security is layer upon layer. How you break it down I don’t know.

Mike Stagg added:

I think they are spread a little thin. The guy who got into the White House… that’s ridiculous. The threat levels against the President have been very high for a long time. They need to be cognizant of that. Security is security. It’s airtight until it’s broken. These things happen from time to time, but when you start putting together the problems they’ve had over the last few years.

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2. Should charter schools receive state money?

Mike started us off:

I don’t believe they should and the precedent is the Catholic schools.  The idea that you can change the rules for these types schools when you had recognized in law and in practice for decades the fact that there was a model to aide the students in books and services, I wouldn’t put a lot of money on the other side of this thing.
Clearly what this charter movement is about is opening up education for venture capitalists. It’s about the money and only about the money

Warren posited:

I don’t know what the answer to it is but we’ve got to do more trying to educate the children. Huey Long said 80 years ago that children have a birthright to education in this state.
Where’s the money going and who is benefiting from it? That’s the big question. When you have private companies coming in getting tax payer money, are the children getting served? Are they first? Probably not.
I think with education we can strike a balance in who gets the tax dollars, where do they go, and what’s the benefit.


Carrol concluded:

I think all of this is symptomatic of a deeper problem.  I do agree that some of these schools, there’s far too little oversight, and it’s going into for-profit businesses.
For the unions to be crying about this now, they should have examined their problems years ago when they were more concerned about their own issues rather than the education.
There’s too much opportunity for corruption all along the line.

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