We love our dawgs, no doubt about that - but have you ever wondered how smart they are, really? Of course everyone thinks they have the smartest dog, and our friends at IFL Science have devised a 3 step test to determine just that! You can read all about the study that they claim will help humans as well, or just get the edited version below.


How quickly can your dog identify one pile of food as larger than another?


How long does it take your dog to find food that is hidden behind several barriers?


How well does your dog obey commands from their owner / human?


According to the study, how fast, and how easy, your pooch can accomplish these tasks will tell you how smart they are. And if they are good at one test, that means they will be good on the other two tests. Read more about the study, and how to see how smart your dog is - and give your furry friend a treat from me, just for the heck of it!