A Brooklyn man has pleaded guilty to selling kidneys.  Federal prosecutors in New Jersey say they have secured the first ever guilty plea from someone selling human kidneys on the black market. 

Police say that 60-year-old Levy Rosenbaum, an Israeli citizen living in Brooklyn, New York, admitted to being the person who is responsible for working on the deal to sell three illegal kidney, that were to be used for transplants.

The price, or going rate< of kidney these days?  Try 120-to-150-thousand dollars each.  Detectives say the organs came from donors in Israel and were transplanted into New Jersey residents.  Prosecutors say Rosenbaum was arrrested while trying to complete a fourth kidney transplant deal.

  Under the plea deal, Rosenbaum admitted to accepting money to find donors in Israel who would be paid for their kidneys.  Those donors were then told to lie to doctors in the U.S. to make it appear like a legitimate donation.  Rosenbaum faces five years behind bars on each of four counts and has agreed to forfeit 420-thousand dollars.